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Technical support

Save your time!

Thanks to active technical support, you can submit any technical problems you encounter, which we will take care of as soon as possible.

  • Updates – ongoing updates to newest versions of WordPress.
  • Adding scripts of external services – including Facebook, Google Analytics, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Website transfer – transferring websites from one environment to another is always a challenge. We guarantee that after the transfer to a new server, everything will work just as good as it used to.
  • Hosting – we offer server space on a working server with 99% uptime (time running without breakdowns).
  • Optimisation (accelerating) WP – reducing the site loading time – which results in more traffic on the website and boosts the position in Google search results.
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Secure your site in line with the safety standards and regulations.

Your website can be infected anytime and your valuable information and sensitive data may fall into the wrong hands.


Every minute your website is unavailable, you’re losing potential clients. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to high level of security.  

  • Restoring WP – in case of hacker’s attack – restoring last working instance of the website.
  • Backup – regular backups of files and database on a dedicated external server.
  • Increasing WP security – depending on your needs, we provide 3 levels of security against hacking.
  • Stability monitoring – thanks to a selection of appropriate tools, you and our team will be notified immediately about your site being unavailable.
  • SSL certificates – a tool used to protect websites which also guarantees confidentiality of electronically sent data. 
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Installation and configuration

New versions of WordPress and installed plugins are not only about new functions and improvements, but also better safety.


We make sure that the installed plugins are always up-to-date.


We offer installation and configuration of:

  • WP system.
  • Plugins.
  • Creating new plugins.
  • Premium and free templates (themes).
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Want to freshen up your site? Add new text, update the content? Our services include the following:

  • Site expansion – new tabs and forms.
  • Adding new and updating existing content.
  • Designer work – new designs, new website layout.
  • Developer work – new functionalities and forms on your website.
  • Coding readymade template designs.
  • Additional language versions for your website.
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Website design and development

Comprehensive web design and development based on WordPress management system.


  • The analysis includes in-depth inquiry aimed at thoroughly understanding customer needs, competition analysis and brainstorming.
  • Graphic and functional webdesign (UX). We iden identified the best solutions through mutual communication and appropriate selection of information.
  • Our experienced developers team are coding assumptions.
  • Publication of a project to a wider audience.
  • Evaluation – analysis, to gather opinions about the product, which aims to further improve.
  • Serviceability – all the above mentioned services, which we provide in the management of your webiste.


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