Privacy policy

We respect your right to privacy. On this page you will find our stance on collecting, processing and using user information.


What kind of information is collected and used by CODE HELP?


Users of our websites remain anonymous as long as they choose to. Information stored in system logs (such as IP address) which originates from general rules of internet connections are used by CODE HELP for technical purposes related to server administration. Apart from that, IP addresses are used to collect general statistical demographic data (i.e. region of the connection).


Subscribing to services offered by CODE HELP requires filling a form, where information required to contact the user (i.e. e-mail address) and to complete the transaction is provided. Such information provided via a form is used by us to contact our users, complete financial calculations for our services and to better customise the content in order to answer users’ needs and interests.



How is the information protected?


Information is stored and processed by CODE HELP with all appropriate security measures stipulated in Polish law.



Is the provided information made abvaliable to third parties?


CODE HELP includes, or will include websites, where user provided content (i.e. opinions, questions etc.) becomes publically available. Users can publish their content on this websites only after being authorised. User decide how the content is going to be signed at their own discretion.


Based on the collected information, CODE HELP  creates statistical summaries which are made available to third parties. Such summaries do not contain information allowing individual identification of a specific user.


Exchange of personal information can take place with third parties as well for accounting and numerous marketing purposes.


Quellio Sp. z o.o. , ul. Wielkokacka 15, 81-611 Gdynia is the administrator of the personal information.



Right to access, review, and delete user information


CODE HELP provides the possibility for every user to modify and delete personal information owned by CODE HELP. All request should be sent to Quellio Sp. z o.o. , ul. Wielkokacka 15, 81-611 Gdynia.



Right to choose


CODE HELP gives its user the right to choose whether and to which extent they want to use its services and share personal information. Most of our websites do not require providing personal information, only some of the services and websites require signup. Signing up to CODE HELP is a voluntary decision and can be revoked at any time.


Our goal is to provide maximum security. The development of technology and CODE HELP’s offer may cause changes in our privacy policy, about which we will inform you here.

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